At Davis Transfer, safety is the heart of our operations. Your personal safety and health, as well as that of everyone on the road, is of primary importance to us here at Davis and takes precedence over productivity. We strive to foster a culture of strong communication. Your input to our program is vital to ensure everyone is working their hardest to stay safe on the road.

Our SmartDrive Program (Click the link to learn more)
“We’re here to protect and support the “heroes of the road.” That’s why SmartDrive focuses on helping drivers hone their driving skills. Drivers can see immediate improvements and get recognized for good driving skills.

Unique in its approach, SmartDrive uses a comprehensive program to educate and engage drivers at each milestone, from Instant Driver Feedback lights for real-time feedback to coaching reports for more effective reviews. SmartDrive provides the tools to identify, review and coach the individual driver’s performance with objective, accurate insights.

Protecting and Exonerating
With the most accurate, advanced event recorder on the market, drivers are protected by having the right video and vehicle data, which helps exonerate fraudulent claims. Over 80% of our videos are used to exonerate the driver.”

Our OnGuard Program (Click the link to learn more)
“OnGuardACTIVE™ is a radar-based active safety system that offers Collision Mitigation and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). OnGuardACTIVE detects moving, stopped or stationary vehicles ahead and measures the vehicle’s position in relation to others on the road to warn the driver of possible rear-end collision by providing audible, visual and haptic warnings. When appropriate, the system will apply the brakes to help avoid or mitigate an unavoidable collision.”

“BB&T Insurance Services, Inc. would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and present Davis Transfer with the Transportation Safety Recognition Award for achieving outstanding safety performance in 2017.

BB&T Insurance Services, Inc. initiated the Transportation Recognition Award to promote the prevention of company related vehicle accidents and to recognize our client’s Excellent performance. To receive the Transportation Excellence Award, a client’s commercial auto loss ratio must be between 16%-30% for their most recent full policy period. BB&T Insurance Services, Inc. takes great pride in recognizing and celebrating the “best of the best” and is proud to include Davis Transfer in this elite group.

The Transportation Safety Award reflects Davis Transfer management’s leadership, dedication, and commitment to providing a safe and healthy environment for its staff. Again, congratulations to you and the administration and keep up the great work!”


Henry Wright

Senior Vice President & Director

Risk Solutions Group