Every day, thousands of trucks deliver goods to keep America moving forward. Without trucks, companies would be at a loss when it comes to supplying stores with goods or raw materials. As a Diesel Mechanic, you serve as an essential component in commerce across the country. You keep businesses running by working on vehicles that travel MILLIONS of miles every year! Since Davis Transfer is a Southeast company, every truck here is working hard to supply you and your loved ones with the things you need. You can be sure that time spent at Davis is time spent making your community grow.

At Davis Transfer, in many situations, we service our own vehicles. This requires skilled technicians to carryout preventive measures on our vehicles so that the equipment functions safely. Parts that are worn or damaged need to be cared for to stop expensive malfunctions. When doing a maintenance check, you’ll use a checklist to certify that the brakes, steering devices, wheel bearings, and other important parts are examined. If a part is not working, you’ll be responsible for ensuring it is fixed or replaced.

If hired, your primary job functions at Davis will be to thoroughly inspect all diesel related issues on company equipment, perform tractor safety and general maintenance related repairs, assist with major repairs in coordination with advanced level mechanics, and use basic electrical diagnostics to repair electrical systems. Additionally, you’ll:

    • Complete advanced preventative maintenance inspections on tractor equipment in compliance with specified safety procedures and DOT regulations.
    • Thoroughly understand basic tractor maintenance, diagnosis, and repair, root causes of common issues, and corrective steps to keep trucks running at maximum efficiency.
    • Recognize and identify non-diesel specific related repair or maintenance items (trailer, tires, etc.); Ensure the issue is fixed by appropriate personnel in a timely manner.
    • Maintain a clean and safe work area compliant with OSHA and company regulation and policy
    • Maintain a positive work atmosphere by acting and communicating in a manner which facilitates the success of business operations in order to meet company demands and expectations.
    • Perform additional duties as required

We require at least one year of experience. You must possess the skills required to accomplish the essential job duties and have basic hand tools.

We are currently hiring in Carnesville, GA and Valdosta, GA!
If you are interested in coming on board, please fill out the appropriate application on the right on the screen. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact Mike Taylor, Director of Maintenance at 706-384-2030.