What is your average length of haul?

500 miles

Are your drivers required to use Electronic Logging?

Yes, beginning in the 3rd quarter of 2009 we began transitioning the entire fleet to Qualcomm electronic logs. At first, many of our drivers were reluctant, but most would not trade them to go back to paper logs. The electronic logs protect our company as well as our drivers. Electronic logging forces our dispatch and the drivers to be as efficient as possible when dispatching our loads.

What are the advantages of Electronic Logging?

One of the many advantages to our company is increased safety and compliance. As our dispatch and drivers have made adjustments to their schedules drivers have actually increased their miles per day while getting their full 10 hour break. The additional miles come from efficient dispatches and drivers using their time wisely. Our latest comparisons shows the average driver on electronic logging is getting 35 more miles per day than a non-elog driver. Another huge advantage was getting rid of the workload of having to fill out a written log, sending them in, and our safety department having to evaluate and store each log for each driver.

How many days will I be required to work per week?

Most drivers run at least 5 days per week. Our average driver needs to get at least 9,500 miles per month to qualify for our productivity bonus.
Part time work is available- Call William at 706-918-3015 to learn more!

Are drivers allowed to take their trucks home? why not?

Permission will vary. Depending on the security of your location, we will authorize on a case by case basis. The reason for not allowing drivers to take their trucks home is security and liability. At your home, we are not able to fully secure the tractor from theft or vandalism. In addition, Davis Transfer still retains the liability if someone is injured in the truck.

What is an expedited truckload?

If you have a truckload that needs to be delivered very quickly, you will need to contact us directly to arrange for the service. The rates are higher for these truckloads.

Where are your terminals?

Our terminals are in Carneville, GA, Valdosta, GA and Lakeland, FL. We also have drop yards in Gaffney, SC, Atlanta, GA, Jacksonville, FL, and Savannah, GA.

What is the SmartWay Partnership?

The SmartWay Transport Partnership is an innovative collaboration between the freight industry and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA). Endorsed by major freight industry associations, companies, and trade publications, SmartWay Transport is leading the way to greater fuel efficiency and lower emissions from the freight sector. The program is administered by the US EPA and is housed with the US EPA’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality (OTAQ) under the Transportation and Regional Programs Division (TRPD). SmartWay also administers the National Idle-Free Corridors Program which is a program committed to eliminating all unnecessary long-duration truck idling along interstates, at distribution centers, and along other transportation corridors. The SmartWay brand signifies a partnership among government, business and consumers to protect our environment, reduce fuel consumption, and improve our air quality for future generations.