At Davis Transfer, we’re proud of our team.

That’s why we honor the best with the prestigious title of “Driver of the Month.”

Every month, we recognize an outstanding OTR and Regional driver. And every year, one driver joins the ranks of some of the best in the country by winning the distinguished “Driver of the Year” award. Each Driver of the Year award winner will receive a cash prize during our award ceremony. It takes more than driving to be our ‘Driver of the Month’. Winning drivers  must show excellence in several categories and will be chosen based on a collaborative effort between safety and operations.

Please join us in congratulating our  “Driver of the Month” winners for February!

Thank you to all drivers who keep our country moving.

2017 Winners

January 2017: Debra Matthews (OTR)

January 2017: Raymond Flowers (Lakeland)

March 2017: Franklin Redding (Carnesville)

March 2017: Donnie Phillips (Lakeland)

May 2017: Bill Willis (Carnesville)

May 2017: Thomas Ice (Lakeland)

February 2017: Mark Stevens (Carnesville)

February 2017: Dale Lapell (Lakeland)

April 2017: Calvin Stevenson (Carnesville)

April 2017: Taurean Williams (Lakeland)

June 2017: To be determined!

June 2017: To be determined!

2016 Winners

December 2016: John Loomis (OTR)

December 2016: Mark Young (Dedicated)

November 2016: James Rumph (OTR)

November 2016: Ed Holton (Dedicated)

October 2016: Jair De SOuza (OTR)

October 2016: Rick Dolar (Dedicated)

September 2016: Gary Hill (OTR)

September 2016: Keno Lee (Dedicated)

August 2016: Torrey McBride (OTR)

August 2106: Kleber Ampuera (Dedicated)

July 2016: Taurean Clark (OTR)

July 2016: Gary Nardi (Dedicated)

June 2016: Wayne Biers (OTR)

June 2016: Gilberto Gonzalez (Dedicated)

May 2016: Dewey SEymour (OTR)

May 2016: Chad Crauswell (Dedicated)

April 2016: Keith Burgess (OTR)

April 2016: Francisco Bengoa (Dedicated)