Davis Transfer Company Inc. presented drivers with awards and recognition on Saturday, April sixteenth. Drivers were given several different awards; one of the awards presented were rings given to drivers who had reached at least one million safe miles. This achievement means that the driver made it to a count of one million miles of accident free driving, no incidents, no property damages, etc. One of the drivers to reach this fantastic milestone was Mr. Lynn Presley.

Mr. Presley lived in ALynn Presleyuburn for most of his childhood, playing football and golf. He now has two children and four grandchildren, about whom he says, “My family is my driving force.” Presley says that one of the biggest things he appreciates about Davis is that they are a family owned, family focused company. He says that they understand family emergencies and work well alongside their employees.

When asked how he believed he made it to one million safe miles, Presley stated that it was all due to his being a “conscientious driver.” He says that he leads an orderly, safe life and that that translates into his profession. He believes that taking care to be safe is important; “The safety training is really logical, you know? Just be safe and pay attention and you’ll do alright.”


The advice that Presley says he would give to new drivers, or those considering the profession is simple. “Stay around; you don’t need to go from company to company. You’re really doing yourself a disservice if you’re constantly bouncing from company to company; the grass is never really greener. It’s better to make connections and stay with one employer.” He also says that, “there is no special formula, just common sense” when it comes to trucking. As another advocate against using devices while driving, he says that he would tell drivers not to pick up their phones, especially in bumper to bumper traffic, as he says he sees all the time. “It just distracts you unnecessarily, and it’s not safe.” He also says that being courteous is a very important thing for drivers, commercial or not, to keep in mind. “Everybody’s going somewhere, and we all have to get there eventually.”

Lynn says that he appreciates the recognition from Davis and loves working for the company. However, since the ceremony, he stated that he may need worker’s comp. “Yeah, my shoulder is really hurting… This ring is just so heavy!” Presley went on to say that he was joking, of course, stating that, “I really do love the award and the way that Davis showed their appreciation for my work.”


Kaytlin Leanne Bailey, Davis Transfer Company, Inc.