Truck drivers for Davis Transfer Company, Inc. received special recognition at their safety meeting on Saturday, April sixteenth. Of the awards presented were rings for drivers who had reached at least one million miles of safe, incident free driving. This entails no accidents, no private property damages, etc.; this incredible achievement marks a completely clean slate. One of the drivers who received a ring was Mr. Thomas Sykes.

    Born in 1966 in West Germany, due to members of his family being in the military, Sykes was always an active child. As a youth, he continued to be very socially involved, and often enjoyed playing footballTom Sykes, being in band, and participating in the Boy Scouts; he was even involved in Civil War reenactments. When asked why he decided to pursue a profession in the trucking industry, Sykes replied that his family had always driven trucks, and that he had fond memories that were centered around such experiences.

    Sykes says that, in trucking, there is a lot you have to do to make sure the job gets done correctly, though he does not completely discount the idea of good luck, joking that “these days, it takes a whole lot of luck to get anything done.” The advice he would give to new drivers, or persons looking into the job, would be to stay alert, aware, and focused; he says that it is imperative that one never becomes too comfortable behind the wheel. “As soon as you get comfortable, that’s when [things will go wrong].” Sykes says that watching traffic is important, and makes sure to pay attention to what other vehicles are doing.

    At Davis Transfer, it is, and always has been, a goal to be as family oriented as possible, and Thomas Sykes says that he has seen this put to work. “One of the best things about working for [Davis] is the home time. [The company] is really good about off time. Actually, I got the opportunity to go to Alaska recently. I needed a bit more vacation time than I had, and they worked with me to create a schedule that worked really well.” Sykes says that everyone from dispatchers to office personnelare really good people who are easy to work with. “They really are very good at listening. If I ever have something to say, I feel heard.” He went on to say that it was nice to be recognized and appreciated for the work that he has put in, and that he is grateful for the awards. Other drivers have expressed similar feelings, also complementing the company on their family orientation, how easy employees are to work with, as well as feeling heard.